DAK Wave MP3 Editor

DAK Wave MP3 Editor 7.10

Record, stream, convert, and edit audio files

Establish a media processing studio on a computer. Record live audio, copy existing files and upload them for editing, convert analog recordings from cassettes and disks, access online radio and streaming platforms like Youtube. Add various effects and transitions to tracks.

Turn your computer into a professional broadcast quality recording studio.
DAK’s Wave Recorder & Editor's simple, intuitive interface makes it easy to use for recording live, copying records & cassettes and recording streaming audio from the Internet.
Plus you can edit down to 1/4 of a second fast, create new fades, apply effects and much more.
DAK's watch-on-your-computer step-by-step tutorial movies will teach you how to record, edit, extract parts, separate tracks, mix your music and your voice and more.

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